Mini sleeve

Mini sleeve

The Mini gastric sleeve surgery, also known as Mini Sleeve, is one of the most recent outcomes of the astonishing development in the techniques used in sleeve gastrectomy.
The novel technique aims chiefly to enhance the benefits of the sleeve gastrectomy to the maximum, moreover on the long run, as well as maintaining the highest levels of safety regarding the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy; This helps patients a lot to decide to have The Mini Sleeve surgery without hesitation in Dr. Tarek Abouzeid center.


What is The Mini Sleeve surgery? And what are its numerous advantages!

More accurately, Mini Sleeve is an innovative surgical technique based on introducing the laparoscopic tools into the abdominal cavity -for the sleeve gastrectomy- through the natural entrances (such as the navel), and using very delicate and precise surgical instruments (not exceeding 2 mm thick); Consequently avoiding the pain and appearance of the small incisions (or wounds) through the abdominal wall that are often required with traditional laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.


So, what are the most significant benefits of Mini Sleeve?

In addition to the Excess Weight Loss and the typical sleeve gastrectomy advantages; The use of the finest and the most precise instruments besides following the latest minimally invasive approach during the Mini Sleeve surgery lead to:


  • Significant pain reduction after the surgery, to become almost painless; Due to the small size of the incision (approximately 2 mm).
  • Minimizing any possibility of complications during and after the surgery, also providing more protection to the stomach and the surrounding tissue; Mini Sleeve then becomes a safer procedure.
  • Maintaining the aesthetic shape of the abdomen; With No scars, and No visible wounds after the surgery, as if the Mini Sleeve surgery has never happened!
  • A faster Recovery, as most patients get back to work and regular activities within 2-3 days after the Mini Sleeve.

→ It is normal to experience mild fatigue during the first two weeks after the surgery.

  • The Mini Sleeve procedure usually takes around 40 minutes, and Dr. Tarek Abouzeid pre-determines the type of anesthesia that’s appropriate for you.
  • You can go home on the surgery day, with no need for overnight stay in the hospital.


Needless to say, only your surgeon can determine whether or not the Mini Sleeve is appropriate for you, depending on your weight, health status, and other criteria that your surgeon determines. The Mini Sleeve gastrectomy requires a high level of expertise, skill and accuracy to achieve the desired result safely and confidently; That helps you achieve the dream of getting rid of those extra pounds and having a healthy life.