Intragastric Balloon

Intragastric Balloon

When dieting fails to achieve an adequate weight loss, and it becomes difficult to exercise regularly to reach the ideal weight, the urgent need arises for an effective alternative solution to lose weight. Various effective solutions have emerged, such as the Intragastric Balloon, that helps you achieve the dream of weight loss in a short time, without any surgery! So, what is the Intragastric Balloon?

In this article, we answer the frequent inquiries regarding the intragastric balloon.


What is the Intragastric Balloon? and how is its placement done?

The intragastric balloon is an inflatable soft balloon made of silicone.

The balloon occupies a large space in the stomach; This reduces the amount of food that can be eaten, decreases hunger, and gives a faster feeling of satiety and fullness… And thus, stimulates weight loss.

There are various types and sizes of intragastric balloons.
Dr. Tarek Abouzeid uses the best type, which can be left in the stomach for 6 months.

We can also provide the latest technology of the swallowable gastric balloon pill, which is known as the programmed or smart capsule… Follow this link to learn more about it.


Can everyone who is obese benefit from the Intragastric Balloon?

You can benefit from the intragastric balloon, in the following cases:

  • Your body mass index (BMI) is less than 30 kg/m2, or you have an excess body weight of less than 30 kg.
  • Your BMI is between 30 and 35 kg/m2, or you have an excess body weight of less than 30 kg, especially when there is a health problem associated with obesity such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in women, or fertility issues in men, or other problems.

Especially when the patient does not fit or prefer bariatric surgery.

The intragastric balloon can be implanted prior to bariatric surgery, for better results and fewer complications.

Adherence to the instructions of our medical team gives you the advantage of maintaining the results of the intragastric balloon and even improvement after its removal.

Your doctor will not recommend the Intragastric balloon for weight loss in the following cases:

  • The BMI is greater than 40 kg/m2, or the excess body weight exceeds 40 kg.
  • Sugar addiction.
  • Having a previous bariatric or gastrointestinal surgery, or the presence of stomach infections or ulcers.
  • Localized fat accumulations.


The steps for Intragastric Balloon placement & the subsequent benefits

The intragastric balloon implies no surgery at all, as its placement steps are performed without anesthesia, but only under sedation, and within around 10 to 15 minutes.


After some lab tests to check your eligibility to place the intragastric balloon, and setting the date to implant the balloon; The steps begin as follows:

  1. The doctor performs upper gastrointestinal endoscopy – using an endoscope with an attached tiny camera- to ensure the integrity of the stomach and to exclude any infections that may hinder the placement of the balloon.
  2. The doctor then places the balloon in the stomach endoscopically.
    The balloon is covered with a local anesthetic to facilitate its passage into the stomach.
  3. Once in the stomach, the intragastric balloon is filled with a sterile medical solution.
  4. The doctor examines the intactness of the intragastric balloon, which contains a self-closing valve that prevents leakage from the balloon after filling it.
  5. After placing the intragastric balloon and removing the endoscope… You stay in the hospital for a short time, after which you can go home on the same day.


The valuable benefits of the Intragastric Balloon

  1. A simple and safe weight-loss procedure after which you can return to work within a few days.
  2. Quick satiety feeling when eating less food.
  3. Reduced feeling of hunger, with a feeling of fullness for longer periods between meals.
  4. Losing an average of about 10 kilograms in just half a year. And with our medical team follow up after removing the balloon, you can reach the ideal weight within a short time.
  5. Improvement of obesity-related complications, such as diabetes (type II), hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and joint & bone problems… And thus, medication reduction or stoppage, according to different studies.
  6. You may not need to take vitamins if you stick to the healthy options of food recommended by the doctor.


Placement of an Intragastric balloon for slimming… does it have complications?

Choosing dr. Tarek Abouzeid to place the intragastric balloon grants more safety and reduces the possibility of complications that may include:

  • Balloon exposure to puncture; This is indicated by the change in the color of urine to turn green; Therefore, you should follow the doctor’s instructions carefully, especially regarding the allowed and disallowed types of food.
  • A pretty low possibility of infection or complications from endoscopy, which confirms the importance of the doctor’s skill and use of the best sterilization and endoscopic techniques.
  • In very few cases, nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain may occur; Which usually settles within 2 days to a week after the intragastric balloon placement.


With your commitment to the instructions of our medical team, and within a few months, with the help of the Intragastric Balloon; you can enjoy a better quality of life without any surgical procedure; especially if you make an early decision. Most importantly is your adherence to the improvement you have achieved without ever turning back to the obesity of the past.