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BMI Indicators
Under normal weight Less than 18.5
Normal weight From 18.5 to 24.99
Excess weight From 25 to 29.99
First-class obesity From 30 to 34.99
Class II obesity From 35 to 39.99
Excessive morbid obesity From 40 to 49.99


6 Boutros Ghali St.  Roxy, Heliopolis, 8th floor, clinic 42, above Arab African International Bank

Fifth Settlement Branch:
Well Care Center – North 90th behind the Air Hospital, next to Shifa Hospital – Second Floor – Clinic C2

Zahraa el maadi Branch:
2/2 the fifth bisect, nerko buildings, inside S Wellness clinics Zahra’a el Ma’adi

Port Said Branch:
– El 3iada clinics, Tabarak buildings, El Thalatheny Street the 8th floor above Radana Pharamacy
– Al Soliman Hospital
– Attaa hospital

Our Services

Time Work

Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-9 pm

Fifth Settlement:
On Mondays of every week from 6-8 pm

Port Said:
Saturday every week
Al Suleiman Hospital: from 2.30-4
Ataa Specialist Hospital: from 4-6 pm