Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy

Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy

Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy

When you look at yourself in the mirror after the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy at Dr. Tarek Abouzeid center, you won’t notice any signs at your abdomen indicate that you have had any surgery, there are no noticeable wounds or scars! It’s like nothing has happened.

But in a very short time, you’ll see the positive impact of the Sleeve Gastrectomy on your life, when you start losing weight, wearing clothes of a smaller size and looking younger & more confident. Also, as your health is getting better, you can accordingly practice your daily life activities more comfortably.


So, what is the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy? And how is it done?

Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy is an advanced Sleeve Gastrectomy technique which was mainly innovated to leave the obese patient without any visible scars or wounds after the surgery; This technique is also termed Alternative Port Site Selection(APSS).

While the classic sleeve gastrectomy is performed through 5 small incisions in the abdomen, the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy is done through a small – and invisible – opening made in the navel to insert a tiny camera, after which two small openings (less than 1 cm) are made at the invisible bikini line below the abdominal area, to insert the precise laparoscopic instruments through them, in order to cut the stomach to nearly one-fifth of its size during the Sleeve Gastrectomy.


Extra benefits added by the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy

As with the classic technique, Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy helps you achieve a durable weight loss, besides the resulting improvement and remission of many obesity-related diseases; Furthermore, it significantly improves physical & mental health and quality of life as well.

Additional benefits include:

  • Maintaining the aesthetic appearance without any trace of abdominal scars, which gives a positive psychological effect after the surgery, especially in ladies.
  • Unless there are medical contraindications, a Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy is a convenient choice for women who have undergone a cesarean section, where the small openings are placed at the line of the previous surgery, without making any new wounds.
  • Due to the tiny size of the incisions, they heal very quickly.
  • You can leave the hospital within a day after the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy.


Is the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy suitable for anyone who is obese?

Depending on your weight, health status, and other medical considerations, your doctor can discuss with you whether you are eligible for a Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy.


It is necessary to emphasize that the success of the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy demands great mastery, experience, and special skills of the surgeon. This procedure requires the use of certain fine tools and a specific position of the abdomen during surgery varying from the traditional sleeve gastrectomy, and other advanced techniques that we follow in Dr. Tarek center constantly; In addition to catching up with the latest researches and studies to make the best possible use of the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy in a completely safe manner.